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Sidney-P op bezoek

Soms kan je het beste zaad alleen in het buitenland vinden. Een gastblog van onze collega's van Elvåg uit Noorwegen!!


Dog farmers exist all over Europe, and we of course support each other. We share not only knowledge and expertise across the continent, but also dog semen. Recently, the farmers at Elvågs Økologiske Hundekjøtt received a call from the Dutch dog farmers @koninkhondenvlees about their pack of beagle breeding bitches needing to be inseminated in order to secure next year's supply of beagle meat for the local population. They had heard about our elite dog Sidney-P, who has been given the nickname the "King of Beagle semen" and has inseminated over 3000 bitches.

A deal was struck, and Elvåg farmers traveled to the Netherlands, bringing Sidney-P and his semen with them. 5 days after the Dutch bitches were weaned, they came into heat. Then Sidney-P got close to the bitches to show off his hot body. This was well received by the bitches in heat. They flocked around Sidney-P, and shook with excitement. After that, the insemination was easy as dog pie.

The bitches are inseminated with semen from NorDog's male beagle dogs. Elvåg is home to 300 of Norway's best semen dogs, and this group produces semen for all bitch packs in Norway, as well as many across Europe.

In autumn, a trip is being considered for Sidney-P to travel to Spain so that the bitches at @belmontedogmeat can be inseminated too.

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